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CMR Alliance focuses on cleaning, maintaining and restoring of all interior architectural finishes within a variety of commercial facilities.
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Safeguarding your company’s professional image, brand and budget is our top priority.

Everyone who has invested in interior finishes to enhance their brand appeal, professionalism and credibility, or just to provide visitors with a sense of arrival and presence, is faced with the question of how to cost effectively maintain them.

The generic solutions of full service janitorial companies result in accelerated wear and premature replacement wasting your money. Trying to perform these services in- house often creates the same problems, along with the drain and hassles of increased overhead. If you have multiple locations and facilities that need care and protection, the problem is multiplied. Whether your facilities are local, regional or national, and your business category is retail, institutional, hospitality, industrial, commercial or residential property management, outsourcing your needs to us will reward you in many ways.

A CMR Scheduled Maintenance Program will safeguard your investment, save you money in the long run and assure that your high end interior finishes best perform the brand and image enhancement functions for which they are intended. Perhaps most importantly, our highly personalized service and reporting systems will leave you free to enjoy the benefits of your high quality interiors while we sweat the details of their maintenance and protection for you.

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